The Garinagu people have been resisting assimilation and colonization ever since their forefathers escaped slavery when the ship carrying them from West Africa shipwrecked off the coast of the isle of St. Vincent. They now live on the shores of Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala, where four centuries later, their spirit, language, culture, and customs remain strong and vibrant.

Lebeha Drummers hail from Hopkins, a small seaside village on Belize’s southern coast. For two decades they have been honing their craft and developing a style of drumming immediately recognizable as their own.

BIAMA, their first studio album of vocals and percussion instruments includes songs set to traditional Garinagu punta, paranda, chumba, and wanaragua rhythms, played and sung acoustically in the time-honored, traditional manner of their ancestors.

The NEUMA release of BIAMA opens the listener’s ears to a heretofore undiscovered world of sound by way of thirteen tracks of energizing rhythms and vocals.

Rafael de Acha © 2023

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