Un·pre·dict·a·bil·i·ty –Incapable of being predicted.

While several of the larger record labels continue to revisit the same repertory of musical works with which all of us are numbingly familiar, the wonderfully unpredictable record label Bright Shiny Things once more surprises us, this time with Ennanga. [BSTC-0188], a recording of classical music with deep African roots. It features the solo debut of the immensely gifted harpist, Ashley Jackson.

The album features arrangements by Jackson of works by William Grant Still, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, Alice Coltrane, and Brandee Younger. The Harlem Chamber Players, of which Ashley Jackson is a member, perform on two of the tracks.

The title of the album – Ennanga – comes from an African musical instrument.                                                                                                                 


Prema – Alice Coltrane

I’m Troubled in Mind – Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

Essence of Ruby – Brandee Younger

Ennanga – William Grant Still

The Angels Changed My Name  – Samuel Coleridge-Taylor


The Harlem Chamber Players

Sandra Billingslea, Claire Chan, Chala Yancy – violins; Amadi Azikwe, Aundrey Mitchell, violas;  Robert Burjhart, Wayne Smith, Anthony Morris – cellos; Kyle Walker, piano, and Ashley Jackson, harp.


Un·pre·dict·a·ble. Musically elegant. Soulful. Revelatory. Technically impeccable.

Kudos to the delightfully unpredictable Bright Shiny Things for once more surprising us.

Rafael de Acha © 2023

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