Music by Telemann and traditional Easten European music


In 1705, Georg Philipp Telemann was appointed Kapellmeister to the Count Erdmann, which had been installed in Poland. Telemann then started to explore the traditional music of Eastern Europe.

François Lazarevitch leads Les Musiciens de Saint-Julien, with soloists Lurie Morar on cymbalom and Hélène Richaud on vocals, performing selections of traditional music from that part of Europe, along with compositions by Georg Philipp Telemann that were inspired by what he heard during his Eastern sojourn.

The “barbaric beauty of the music that Telemann discovered during his time in Poland in 1705, fascinated and inspired him. He wrote: “…wonderful inspiration when they indulge in their fantasy, as soon as the dancers rest… someone attentive could in eight days take ideas from them for a lifetime…”


The ALPHA 949 cd features instrumental and vocal music, collected by Telemann.

Pozic mamo roz (Poland); Światówka (Poland); Hajdukujymy (Hungary); Dyž sem šla z kostela (Moravia)

Telemann – Various Orchestral Suites; Flute Concerto in D


Les Musiciens de Saint-Julien, led by flutist and conductor François Lazarevitch play with zest and abandon the fascinating musical variety featured in this exceptional album. Cellist and vocalist Hélène Richaud, and Lurie Morar on the cymbalom bring their splendid music-making to both traditional and Eastern European vocal and instrumental idioms. A winner on all counts.

Rafael de Acha © 2023

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