Miranda Cuckson, violin


Béla Bartók Sonata for Solo Violin

Aida Shiraz Sāniyā

Stewart Goodyear Solo

Manfred Stahnke Capra 4

Franco Donatoni Argot 


In the upcoming URLICHT two-cd release, the protean violinist Miranda Cuckson negotiates with brilliance the technical perils of pieces by Bartók, Shiraz, Goodyear, Stahnke, and Donatoni- imbuing each with impassioned musicality.

The title of the recording – Világ is a Hungarian word that means both “world” and “illumination”. In Sanskrit Vilag means “to cling to.” in Hindi, the word means “separated”. Whichever meaning one may want to ascribe to the music in the URLICHT recording, the American violinist plays Bartók, Shiraz, Goodyear, Stahnke, and Donatoni with an equal balance of temperament and mental acuity, her performance resulting in an intriguing recording of 20th and 21st centuries music. Intelligently annotated and carefully engineered, the URLICHT recording will be welcome addition to the libraries of collectors of off-the-beaten-path music for the violin.

Rafael de Acha (c) 2023

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