From the splendid though uncredited liner notes: “It was the era of the first public (or semi-public) chamber music meetings, and although these began in a haphazard way they eventually settled down into a routine not unlike the concerts of today. The elder John Banister… hired an out-of-the way room in a London inn at Whitefriars, filled it with tables and chairs and constructed an alcove for the musicians. One shilling was charged for admission, and members of the public were expected to make their musical preferences heard. They paid the pipers, and it was they who called the tune.”


The Orpheus OPH 94243 recording of string sonatas by Henry Purcell – a remastering of a Musical Heritage Society LP from the 1960’s – features violinists Carl Pini and John Tunnell, cellist Anthony Pini, and harpsichordist Harold Lester stylishly playing with faultless intonation and limpid technique a dozen gems by Henry Purcell, the supreme master of the 17th century English baroque.


Another re-mastered ORPHEUS re-issue of pure music by an English baroque master. Perfectly played. Highly recommended.

Rafael de Acha © 2023

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