During the 1960s, the label Musical Heritage Society became the go-to one for specialized recordings of Classical music, producing a number of releases in the United States. Musical Concepts is excited to offer these recently as re-releases on the Orpheus label, available for download only in 96/24 audio. 


Astronomer, scholar, composer English-born John Dunstable shepherded the transition of English music from medieval to Renaissance, creating harmonically rich compositions for accompanied and a Capella solo and choral music, as well as music for the organ. His works often incorporate the use of a single accompanying instrument.


The download features the superb American countertenor Russell Oberlin in several of its tracks. Elsewhere Dennis Stevens leads the peerlessly gifted Ambrosian Singers in several compositions – some sacredly Maria, some naughtily secular, all delivered by the participating artists in unimpeachably authentic style.


A rare opportunity to hear the young Russell Oberlin at his best in the music of a rarely heard and unjustly neglected composer. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Rafael de Acha (c) 2023

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