The Chandos release HAYDN THE COMPLETE PIANO TRIOS, VOLUME TWO features Jonian Ilias Kadesha, violin; Vashti Mimosa Hunter, cello; and Nicholas Rimmer, piano, members all three of the Trio Gaspard.

At some point during the 11760’s Haydn began to concentrate on the writing of symphonies, concertos, and operas, and did not return to smaller forms, such and the piano trio until the 1780’s.

Variously dedicated to Princess Marie Esterhazy, Princess Douarière Esterhazy, Countess Marianne de Witzay, and one “Mrs Bartolozzi”, the trios are structured some in 2, some in 3, some in 4 movements.

Except for the trio no. 7, an early-career work from 1760, penned by Franz Joseph Haydn at age 28, just before his engagement by the Esterhazy family, the Chandos release includes in non-chronological order, trios nos. 35, 70, 21, and 86, written by Haydn between 1784 and 1795, a period that encompassed Haydn’s final years  in the service of Prince Esterhazy, his retirement from the position of Music Master in the Esterhazy court in 1790, and the start of his frequent trips abroad as a free-lance conductor of his own music.

The Chandos release includes Leonid Gorokhov’s For Gaspard, a composition for violin, cello, and piano commissioned by the Trio Gaspard. Insightfully annotated by Nicholas Rimmer and Marc Vignal the recording in cleanly engineered to enhance the flawlessly and elegantly delivered performance of the Trio Gaspard.

Rafael de Acha © 2022

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