Johann Nepomuk Hummel (1778–1837) was one of the great pianists of 19th-century Vienna. Also, a composer, Hummel wrote in a style that bridged the Classical and Romantic eras, admired, and influenced by Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven.

Hummel wrote eight piano concertos, and a few concertos for other instruments, among them the virtuosic 1805 Grand Bassoon Concerto in F, an intriguing composition for an instrument most often encountered as part of symphony orchestras, here given the solo spotlight, and brought to life by the bassoonist George Zukerman.

Hummel’s 1816 Piano Concertino in G Major, Op. 73, is an elegant work traditionally structured in three movements. The 1829 Grand Military Septet in C Major, Op. 114, a beautifully crafted chamber music work was popular, published, and performed all over Europe. The Introduction and Rondeau ‘La Galante’, published in 1831, is composed in the stile galant.

All the piano works by Hummel featured in this release are filled with inventively piquantly bouncy melodies, and beautifully played by pianist Martin Galling, and the Collegium Con Basso Ensemble. Originally released by the now defunct Vox/Turnabout, now under license from Naxos Music Group, this release is impeccably remastered for Alto by Paul Arden-Taylor.

Rafael de Acha © 2022

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