Michael Torke, the composer of the hypnotically rhythmic TIME, eloquently writes: “Rhythm itself divides up time and breathes life into time. Time slips away as we age, but music pins us down—it offers a kind of security against the ravages of time. “

Torke’s intensely rhythmic music defies labeling. Some have called his work post-minimalism, some have strived for epithets to castigate the composer for his hard-headed originality, some have sung his praises. I add myself to the later segment of his listening audience, instantly becoming a fan after listening to the 45-minute-long TIME, during which – no pun intended – time flew by.

Michael Torke hired a total of eight musicians plus himself to do all fifteen parts in the composition, recording each player individually before replicating each track and achieving a clear, coordinated, compelling result.  Wearing the multiple hats of composer, music director, keyboard player, engineer, and producer, Michael Torke led his own orchestra in this most recent recording of his. The woodwind and saxophone players: Alan Kay, Pat Posey, and Sarah Brailey, the three string players, Tessa Lark, Paul Wiancko, and Michael Thurber, the percussionist Ian Rosenbaum, and the harpsichordist Elliot Figg added with their indispensable participation to the success of TIME.

Rafael de Acha © 2022

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